Silicone wristbands are wrist accessories worn on the wrist. They are often made of silicone and worn for different purposes. They are of different sizes, color and styles.

Silicone wristband offer a tremendous fundraising or marketing opportunity for charity, schools, business, campaign, events and other promotional purposes.
Silicone is a relatively low-cost material used by manufacturers, and it is a cost-effective choice due to its properties.

Silicone material comes with properties that make it a good choice among wristband producers. The properties that the wristband maker consider include: low toxicity, low porosity, resistance to microbiological growth, and low chemical reactivity. 

These silicon wristband, bracelet, bangles or whatever you may want to call it are produced by most manufacturers on demand (print on demand). They are not ready made, you will give your specifications to the maker of the wristband for them to customise to your taste.

Silicone wristband became popular in the early 1980s, and were called gel bracelets. Other names being called by people across world include hand band, wrist band, wrist bangles and silicone bracelet. Customized wristband popularity soared in the mid-2000s when they were used more for supporting causes and in boosting awareness for charities, giving them the name “awareness Wristband.”    CLICK HERE FOR QUALITY WRISTBANDS IN NIGERIA

The popularity of the customised silicone wristbands reached the peak in 2004 with Lance Armstrong’s yellow “Livestrong” band. These wristbands have also been alternatively called “baller bands,” as they are often seen on the wrists of athletes, most notably basketball players.

In Nigeria custom silicon wristband have been distributed to people in different part of the country. Most especially in Lagos and Abuja to serve as awareness against the use of hard Drugs. It has also been used as incentives by associations. Churches in Nigeria have adopted the use of customized wristbands to promote their slogan for the year. Politicians distribute these bands during political rally to supporters. CLICK HERE FOR QUALITY WRISTBANDS IN NIGERIA


There are various types and style of customised wristbands that the wristband companies in Nigeria produce. Some are very common because of their ruggedness and long life span coupled with cheap and affordable price.

  • Debossed Text Engraved silicone wristband
  • Debossed Color Filled Text Engraved customised silicone wristband
  • Embossed Text Popping Out customized silicone wristband
  • Embossed Printed Text Popping Out + Colored Text
  • Printed Text Printed on Surface custom silicone wristband


The available additional Features manufacturers use To Make Wristbands Unique include:

  • Add glow effect : This makes the hand band to glow at night or glow in dark. They are also called luminous bands
  • Add specialized glitter effect
  • Swirl or segment colors added to your bands
  • Add customized silkscreen designs on the inside of the wristband
  • Add screen printed or embossed messages to the inside of the bands

The silicone wristbands are available in different sizes.
besides the common sizes we have the children size, adult size, and medium size.

Companies that produce these wristbands produced based on customer requirements. So when you are looking to do a wristband, gather experience from previously seen wristbands and relate to your manufacturer.

Debossed / engraved wristband

This is the most popular type of custom wristbands in Nigeria. Debossed customised wristbands are created from a custom cast metal mold. This provide a deep cut effect of your personalized message on your custom engraved bands. They are available in various styles, colors ans sizes depending on what you want.
The only difference between this and the debossed / engraved ink filled customised silicone wristbands is that, after a deep cut has been created in this. the cut is filled with ink / color to make the write_up more visible, this cut makes the color not to wash away if well crafted by the producing company. The cut retains the color for as long as possible, mostly 2 years and above unlike the ordinary printed wristbands which wipes within 2 months if not well crafted and 6 months and above when well crafted.

Embossed Text Popping Out customized silicone wristband

With this band type, your customized message and artwork are raised above the band giving the wristband a nice look.
This provide a raised lettering effect of your personalized message on your custom embossed wristbands in Nigeria.The difference between the embossed band and the embossed print wristband is that after the lettering has been raised, here color is then added which makes it looks more beautiful.

The color of your choice depends on how beautiful your work will look. Most of the times it is good to ask the supplier for color guide, when you meet an experience manufacturer, they know colors that are good. CLICK HERE FOR QUALITY WRISTBANDS IN NIGERIA

Printed Text Printed on Surface custom silicone wristband

Screen printing is a technique where the text, message or logo is printed directly on top of the custom wristband, similar to screen printing a design on a t-Shirt. The message on a screen printed custom wristband is not like an embossed or debossed wristband in Nigeria.

The custom message is smoothly printed on the top layer of the custom wristband to create a clean and sleek message or clear and clean image of your logo, or custom design. Screen-printed wristbands are the best solution for wristbands that require a very specific imprinted design.

I will however not recommend this as the message wipes away within a short period of time. Though they are cheap compared to the deboosed and embossed silicon wristband.

Lastly before you decide on the method of your choice, you need to consider so many things such as their properties and what you want to use it for. You will need to come up with the design you want to add to your silicone wristbands.

These designs can carry slogans, company catch-phrases, company logos, event names and dates, brands, and many more. You will also need to decide on the colors that these designs will come in, and this may factor in to the total cost of the wristband.

Uses of Silicone Wristbands

Customized silicone wristbands have been used for various promotional purposes in the past and to pump up awareness for different organisations. This is where the name “awareness bracelets”. CLICK HERE FOR QUALITY WRISTBANDS IN NIGERIA

Silicone wristbands have evolved into other uses in recent times, with the manufacturing of different styles making such an evolution possible. Some of the most common and recent uses include the following:

  • Religeous Events
  • School Events
  • Charity Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Community Events
  • Fashion
  • Political Events
  • Giveaways
  • Awareness for a Cause
  • Motivational purposes
  • Promotional Purposes
  • Religeous Events

Customised wristbands are used by many religious organization in Nigeria to promote their messages across to the mass especially in Lagos and Abuja. They are given to people in the organization for free or at a cost, this is also a way of generating revenue into the organization purse. CLICK HERE FOR QUALITY WRISTBANDS IN NIGERIA

School Events

Tertiary institutions (University, polytechnic and college of Educations) use customized wristband for many of their events, like association week and carnivals, promotion of association and raising funds to the association. These gel bracelets can be used in lieu of entrance tickets at school events like dinners, or worn to show support for school sponsored programs.


Political Events

Bands are used in support of political participants. These can be made to carry not only the name of the candidate but also the colors of the candidate’s party and the picture of the candidate. These can be sold to supporters to help fund the candidate’s campaign or given out free to increase awareness.

Promotional Wristbands

Silicone wristband is mostly suitable for promotional purposes. It can be printed with a charity message, logo or slogan and come in any colour as well as different shapes. Choose from embossed, debossed, printed and ink filled silicone wristband.

Where to get customized wristbands in Nigeria

There are many wristband manufacturer and supplier in Nigeria. One should not be confused because of that, one need to choose a company that has many years of experience in the production of these bangles. Many companies go online to steal other company pictures to show customers. One need to be careful be of such company, its either they are not competent or they have little or no experience.

How to make customized wristband in Nigeria

When you are looking to customise silicone wristband in Nigeria. The first thing you need to do is to look for a company that will offer you with quality product at a cheap and affordable price. Then contact the company sending them your requirements, the company will therefore make you an artwork. Whenever you are okay with the artwork they can proceed with the production.


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